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Career Services

You finished your schooling and training and now you are left without a job in the career field you want. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this happens to many new graduates and even those with experience in the field. At Dental Job Stop, we understand what employers are looking for and we can help YOU find a job today. Whether you are a dental hygienist, dentist, lab tech, dental assistant, or front office staff, we can help you get the job of your dreams. Employers in today’s world want employees who stand out above the rest and not just a cookie cutter resume. Your first impression is the most crucial part of your pre-interview. Your resume is everything! Our team of dedicated and experienced career placement specialists can review your resume and provide insight on what to write to help you try and land your dream career. Interested in our services? Call us today!

Resume Design and Writing Service

Are you stumped on what to put on your resume? Don’t fret – many people are. Whether you have a completed resume or you are working on a draft, we will look it over and provide you with feedback to help you polish it up and make it presentable.

All of our resume design and writing services come with up to two revisions per resume. If you need more revisions after the first two, we can do them for a nominal fee. It typically takes our specialists anywhere between two to four days to complete a review of your resume, so please plan accordingly.

How It Works

Once you sign up for our service and remit payment, we will send you a questionnaire that needs to be filled out. The questionnaire will contain questions directly related to your experience and basic information about you.

Once you are done with the questionnaire, you will be able to browse through our resume templates and you can choose your favorite design. All files are sent through Word and PDF for your convenience. Once we receive everything back from you, our specialists will begin working on your resume.

Resume Review & Editing Services

Our resume review and editing service is designed for those who are happy with their resume, but would like a second opinion about it. When you send your resume over to us, we will check for the following:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Timeline errors or discrepancies
  • Spelling errors
  • Formatting

If our specialists notice any problems with your resume, they will ask for clarification and then provide you with insight on what an employer may think when they see the resume. Our team will also point out the errors and give you ideas about how to fix them. Our goal is to help your resume get noticed and to do that, we look at all items.

The entire process takes roughly one to three days to complete and once payment is received, we will send over instructions for you to follow.

Resume Templates

Dental Job Stop is ready to help you with all of your resume needs. We offer high-quality resume templates for you to choose from. Our template gallery is packed with pre-formatted templates that allow you to enter in all of your own data. You never have to worry about formatting or changing any of the components as the template is ready to go from the moment you download it.

Once you pay, you will receive an email and instructions on how to download and fill out the template. If you need help or you have any questions, please contact us.

Postcard Design Services

Have you ever sent in a resume to an employer just for it to be passed up? If you are looking to get noticed and stand out above the rest, consider our postcard design services. This service is ideal for all dentists, dental hygienists, and function staff.

Employers receive many resumes and as many as half of them are skipped due to the sheer volume received. Our postcards are uniquely designed and they will catch the attention of the right people.

How It Works

When you choose to have a postcard designed, we will begin asking you specific questions to help make your postcard pop. Once we have the basics down we will ask you to send over a questionnaire and ask for any pictures you want included on the card. You will receive two free revisions with your purchase and all additional revisions will be a small charge.

You can expect to have your postcard designed and ready to go in just three to five days and we will deliver the final result to you in a .jpg or PDF format. Once you receive the image, you can utilize, which has reasonable prices for printing.

You will be responsible for mailing the postcard on your own, but we handle everything else up to the printing point. We look forward to working with you and ask that you call us if you have any questions.

Postcard Templates

Our postcard templates are ideal for anyone looking to send a postcard to their employer instead of the traditional resume. Our templates are pre-made and ready for you to download and edit right from your computer. Whether you are a dentist or dental hygienist, you can utilize the features and add in your information in a couple of minutes.

Our templates are ideal for those who do not need design services as we do not provide design and editing for the templates. Once we receive your payment, we will send you instructions on how to download and edit the file. If you need design services, please see our postcard design section.

Resume Website Creation

Want to stand out from the rest? Are you tired of your resume being pushed to the side? Dental Job Stop offers resume website creation services to propel you to the front of the pack. Our websites are the new resumes of the future and can showcase your talent well.

When you order this service, we will create and design four to six website pages that are centered on you. The website is designed to promote you only and we will gather the information needed from a questionnaire we send to you. Once we receive the questionnaire, we will send you a WordPress website that can be hosted through anyone. We will upload the site for you, but we do not offer edits once the site is live.

You will receive one free revision and any edits after that will be a small fee. If you need us to purchase the domain name and setup hosting, we can do so for a small fee.

Dental Job Stop is dedicated to helping you get the career you have always dreamed of. Our career specialists will work alongside of you to provide you with a beefed up resume that employers want to look at. Our goal is to help you get your resume noticed. Although we cannot guarantee that any employer will call or hire you, we can promise that our services will provide you with a resume that stands out. If you have any questions, please call our toll-free number or use the contact us form and we will get in touch with you.