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Membership Exclusive to the Dental Field

When analyzing the current jobs available to the dental profession, we found that amongst thousands of jobs out there, the dental ones were embedded between the food industry or business management sector. We have created a site that is only available to those in the dental field.

For the Job Seekers: Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Dental Lab Technicians, Dental Office Staff now have a one stop shop to locate, view and apply for jobs directly online.

For the Employers: Dental Job Employers have the ability to post their jobs on the Dental Job Stop website and have it been seen by all potential job seekers looking to change their environment or become hired.

Comprehensive Job Directory Service

Our goal at Dental Job Stop is to leave no one behind. We have created a comprehensive job directory board that takes into consideration all possible factors. With an exclusive database limited only to the dental field, we make sure that this is the only stop you need to check out.

For the Job Seekers: The dashboard panel available to you allows you to enter as little or as much information you think needs to be provided for that job employer to find you. From providing information such as job experience and training done to seminars taken. You are allowed to upload resumes, certificates and other documents that would benefit you in the long run. Our search panel allows job seekers to search all of our employers and see if they are hiring or not.

For the Employers: Search our entire job seeker database to find the right candidate for your position. Information provided to the employer includes: job seeker name, previous job history, current job information, training and continuing education taken, documents pertinent to your hiring practices, profile pictures and of course what their field expertise is. We have everyone here. Take your pick.

User Friendly Dashboard

Ease of use is probably the most important aspect of every site created. Dental Job Stop is no different. While we understand that registering, browsing and applying can be an easy task, it requires intermediate steps that need to be ironed out. Our goal is to provide a self-service kiosk tool that is easy to use whenever and wherever. Try it out!

For the Job Seekers: Once registered, your dashboard allows you to change profile pictures, update passwords and most importantly, update your information. Keeping your information up to date is very important. Whether it's a new CE that you have taken or finished working at a specific employer--- Information that is updated is ALWAYS appreciated by the employers. Communication via your dashboard is like your inbox. View all messages sent and received to the employers. Your dashboard also allows you to search all the employers available.

For the Employers: Your dashboard allows you to view current and previous jobs. See history of all candidates that have applied to your jobs. It is the key to making the most of your membership. Keeping your information up to date is crucial as job seekers will be using that to contact you. Our dashboard allows you to communicate with candidates as well as search the job seeker directory.

View and Apply to Jobs Directly Online

Having the comfort of searching when, where and what you want is very important to us. There is no time restrictions and your schedule may be different than someone else's. That is why you can always come back to the site and finish up your entries. Search by location to narrow a specific area or broaden the search to expand out.

For the Job Seekers: Search our comprehensive job database directly from your phone, computer or tablet. Our location services system will allow you to predefine fields to choose from to narrow your search to the area you need. In the case you don't find something closer to your location, try expanding your search. You are in control here.

For the Employers: Employers can upload jobs directly online. Edit them, mark them as complete and repost the job if necessary.

Enhanced Job Visibility

Our site understands that through the United States, there are many regions that have sub-cities and sub-regions that are specific to the state and city in question. We have created specific regions or municipalities that enhance your search to find the job in your specific region. If we are missing a specific region, contact us and we will be sure to add it.

For the Job Seekers: You get to pick a region based on your desire. Choose what area you would like to search and go from there. Interested in commuting a little further, choose a different region and see what it has.

For the Employers: Making sure that your candidate can commute to your office is a very important thing. That is why having specific regions listed will allow the candidate to apply for the job in the region that they choose. While we will list your job on the entire board, candidates looking to narrow their searches down to a specific area will be given this feature.

Career Services Available

We are not just a job board. We are everything anyone in the dental field needs to help them with their job search and application. Whether you are currently in school, about to graduate, graduated and searching for jobs or even employed but looking---- we can help you along every step of the way.

For the Job Seekers: One of the biggest errors seen when reviewing resumes is they all look the SAME! Dental students are given an example of a resume and they further reproduce it so that the employer gets the same resume from multiple people. You need to stand out. We are here for this. Our career services specialists can help you in making a resume from scratch, editing the current one or just giving some input. For our Dental Hygienists and Dentists, we offer postcard services where we can make a card or you can choose from a list of premade cards to send out to offices in your area letting them know you are available for work. Interested in the best possible option to have your employer see you, Dentists and Dental Hygienists can choose the option to have us a create a custom landing page with up to 6 tabs of pages where the employer can view a mini-webpage of you and your qualities. You need to stand out so that your next employer can choose you before even seeing you. Of course, the interview is important but getting in the door is a first!

For the Employers: Getting an employee that fits your needs is tough. We know! But in the midst of all these applicants applying to your offices, some are really good but just lack the help needed to stand out on paper. We provide the services needed to revive or revitalize their paperwork to make them stand out. Interviewing is not our fortay and that is something you must do but we will do what we can to help make them speak their qualities on paper.

Continuing Education Events/Seminars Calendar

Continuing education is a must to advance in the wonderful field of dentistry. That is why we have the system in place to notify you via your dashboard of all the upcoming continuing education events and seminars across the country. Need to add an event, contact us.

For the Job Seekers and Employers: Everyone needs Continuing Education. It is an important part in extending the current knowledge you possess and learning ideas that may not have been known. The dashboard has a special area that will list upcoming events and continuing education seminars. Click on the link in the dashboard to learn more about that event and register for it.

User Friendly Messaging System

With the creation of our messaging system, employers and job seekers can communicate with one another using our dashboard communications. Employers can contact you in regards to a potential job opening or simply ask certain questions in regards to your job application. It's easy and simple to use. Check it out.

For the Job Seekers: Once your resume is submitted, an employer may have a question and the best way for them to get a fast response is the messaging board. They can ask a question and all you have to do is login and provide a response. No Emails are every published for your safety and that is why we have created a message board that can expedite any messaging needs.

For the Employers: Should you need to contact an applicant, we have a very easy and safe to use messaging board that is facilitated by us. No emails are released to protect your inbox. Simply login to your dashboard and use the reply feature to contact any applicants you may want to contact.

Multiple Membership Options

Our membership features allow you us to cater to your preferences rather than a strict regimen. If you have 1 job and 1office, choose our basic package. In need of posting multiple jobs, you can choose from those as well. Just check it out. Not interested in posting a job, just browsing our job seekers, we have an option for that too.

For the Job Seekers: Currently we only have one option which is an annual membership giving you FULL unrestricted access to our site.

For the Job Employers:Choose from a variety of packages depending on how many offices you have and how many jobs you may need to post. Different expiration dates available too. Should you wish to just browse the directory of job seekers, we have a package for you too. Remember that if you wish to contact that job seeker, a package is actually needed.

24 / 7 / 365

Always Open! Never Closed! Login at any time to use our system.

For the Job Seekers:Login anytime to register, post and upload information and browse jobs.

For the Employers: Login anytime to register, post jobs and find the right candidate for your job.

No Contracts

You are never locked in to any contracts with us. Use the site as you wish and renew as needed. We are not here to make your life harder rather we are here to make your life easier.

For the Job Seekers and Employers: We don't lock you into to anything here. Our mission is to create an easy going environment for everyone. You don't even need to cancel anything because once your account reaches expiration date, we don't auto renew. You decide what you would like to do. Of course, we would love to have you back.

Freedom of You!

Decide how much or how little time to invest in your job search or job posting. We know that life has many obstacles and some work at different speeds. Take your time--- let us know if we can help!