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Is Your Dental Practice Still Struggling to Find the Right Employees?


With Dental Job Stop, You Have Instant Access to High-Quality, Enthusiastic Job Applicants Right at Your Fingertips!


No Need to Wade through Unqualified Applicants… Dental Employment is All We Do!



Dear Fellow Dental Professional,

How easy is it for you to find the right staff members for your dental practice?

If you’re like most of us… it’s one of the most frustrating aspects of running a dental business!

You know that in order to grow your practice, you need talented, reliable staff members on your team…

But trying to locate and attract top-notch applicants through generic job boards can be a maddening experience!

You probably have your own “horror stories” when it comes to finding and interviewing applicants.

  • You’ve talked to applicants who have never worked in a dental office a day in their lives… but they’re hoping you’ll have enough faith in them to give them a chance!
  • You’ve waded through applications submitted by people who didn’t understand the job requirements… or didn’t seem to know what type of job they were applying for at all!
  • You’ve gotten resumes from people who had no real interest in improving the experience of your patients!
  • You’ve interviewed applicants who think that getting into the dental profession will guarantee them a high salary for the rest of their careers… without any additional training!


In the end, it translates to hours wasted interviewing the wrong people… money wasted training people who don’t really care about your practice… and HR stress and headaches that you shouldn’t have to put up with!

After all… you’ve worked hard to get where you are… and you should be focusing on helping people, not on dealing with frustrating hiring and management issues!


It’s Time to Clear Out the Clutter… And Get in Touch with The Perfect Applicants the First Time Around!


Tell me…

What if you could post a job opening and get resumes from highly qualified, motivated applicants who are committed to the success of your practice?

What if you could dramatically decrease the time it takes to fill an open position… and get your new employee started in half the time it used to take?

And what if you could count on a staff of loyal, committed professionals who can help you make your practice as stress-free and profitable as possible?


  • You’d save countless hours interviewing, hiring, and training staff members who aren’t right for your practice!
  • You’d get top-notch applicants who are serious about your success… and who are looking for long-term, stable opportunities with exceptional practices like yours!
  • You’d be able to build the kind of warm, professional environment your patients love… so that they’d keep coming back to you for years or even decades!
  • You’d build the perfect team to make your dental practice the “go to” place for patients… no matter how many other competing practices there are in your area!


If You Want to FINALLY Attract the Right Employees for Your Practice… You NEED to Post Your Job Openings on Dental Job Stop!


Dental Job Stop is a comprehensive directory of dental job openings across the country. We specialize in dental jobs – in fact, it’s all we do – so we know what dentists and dental practice owners are looking for.

We understand the frustrations of finding and hiring the right employees for your practice. And we’ve designed Dental Job Stop to take the headaches out of finding professionals like:

  • Dentists
  • Dental Technicians
  • Dental Assistants
  • Hygienists
  • Front Office Staff
  • Office Managers

In fact, in many cases, you can cut your job applicant search time in half… which means that you can find, interview, hire, and train your new staff members more quickly and efficiently than ever before!


What Makes Dental Job Stop Different from Anything You’ve Ever Tried?


We’re not a generic job board – we’re committed to connecting dental offices with the most qualified, committed job applicants available.

We don’t just limit your job postings to our website – we know that qualified applicants are looking for attractive positions across a wide range of channels. That’s why we’ve made social media a top priority.

When you post job openings on Dental Job Stop, you get to take advantage of our comprehensive social media campaigns. We make your job listings available on all of our social media channels, giving you the best chance possible of connecting with the applicants you really want to hear from.

In short, we help you get the results you want from your recruiting efforts… fast! And we minimize the hassles of “bad hires” by helping you get your job listings in front of the best and brightest professionals as quickly and efficiently as possible!


Cost Effective, Highly Targeted Recruiting To Help Your Dental Practice Thrive!


Advertising on generic job boards can cost your practice an arm and a leg… and they likely won’t get you the qualified applicants you’re looking for.

Dental Job Stop gives you a cost-effective alternative to the big job boards. For as little as $10 a month, you can put your job listings in front of experienced, highly trained applicants that want to work with you...

…And you can interview candidates and make the right hiring decisions for your open positions… faster than you ever thought possible!

Best of all, you only pay for what you need. As your practice grows, your Dental Job Stop account can grow right along with it… so you never need to worry about where you’ll find the right staff members for your team again!


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Try Dental Job Stop Today… and Find Out What a Difference Access to Qualified, Motivated Applicants Can Make!


If you’re tired of wading through stacks of resumes from unqualified applicants… and interviewing the wrong people for your open positions… you owe it to yourself to try Dental Job Stop. Our affordable packages make it easy to attract and hire the brightest, most qualified staff members for your practice… starting today!


Don’t waste another day relying on generic job boards… upgrade your hiring practices with Dental Job Stop now!


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