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A Dental Resume That Will Catch Their Eye

Your resume may be the only thing that a dentist or office manager sees before they decide who to call in for an interview. Even if you’re delivering your resume in person, you might not necessarily be able to speak with the office manager or dentist in person. It’s important to make your resume stand out, so that it won’t get put in the back of a file or bottom of a pile just to be forgotten about.


Keep it Simple

Although you might have 3 pages worth of skills and references to include, your prospective employer isn’t going to read those 3 pages word for word. Instead, highlight your biggest accomplishments and condense it onto one page. What are the latest skills and training that you’ve sought out in the past 2-3 years? Be sure to include them so that you can prove you’re up to date on the latest trends. For instance, if you’re great at fabricating and trimming stainless steel crowns for temporary purposes, put it out there. At the same time though, you don’t want to put so much information on your resume that it’s too long to read. Your ideal resume should only be one page long. No more, no less. If you’re new to the dental field, it can help to “pad” your resume with community involvement and commitments that you’ve been responsible for, such as the chairman of a PTO board, volunteer coordinator at a non-profit, or member of a club.  Let your experience shine for you as a driven, committed professional.


If you’re unsure which points help you stand out the most, Dental Job Stop can help. Our resume professionals have the knack for seeing what makes people unique – something that should be evident from a person’s resume. Otherwise you’ll just get lost in a stack! One of the benefits of teaming with someone like the Dental Job Stop is knowing that your resume will get people’s attention from day one!


Get Input from Someone You Respect

It helps to have an extra set of eyes on your resume.  The Dental Job Stop can provide unbiased input on your resume and help you look appealing to your prospective employer. A friend or colleague might be able to look your resume over and make marks or adjustments on things to edit, but they might not feel comfortable helping you make the changes that you really need. A 3rd party professional resume expert that specializes in dental job relations is one of the best investments you can make when you’re beginning the hunt for your new career.


Choose the Right References

Your prospective employer may not be interested in talking with your references, but they will be curious to know whom they are. Choose references that make the biggest impression, such as a professor at your previous university, a long-term employer from the town you moved from, or a chairman from a community involvement committee or club. Remember to include their titles!


Look in the Right Places

Need extra help? Knowing where to turn can be exhausting, especially if you’ve had the same friend help you out to no avail. It’s time to try something else – something that will work!


The Dental Job Stop features resume design services to help you stand out from stock resumes that your prospective employer sees every day. Our custom resume services are individual pieces of creativity that put you above the rest and help you shine your brightest.  If your resume isn’t getting the feedback you want, it’s time to try something that will really catch your prospective employer’s eye. Visit Dental Job Stop’s Career Services for more information!

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